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”Discover-My-Product” is an interactive realtime 3D catalog that allows you to present your products portfolio to your prospects and customers and manipulate them directly via a tablet or a smartphone.

It is a solution to digitalize sales brochures, facilitate their access and generate a “wow” effect! Indeed, it is a technology that offers an original and interactive way to present a product.

It is possible to integrate the technical features of the products with illustrated pop-ups.

Into one single digital tool accessible from anywhere, you can store and display any type of media file and share them directly with your contacts.

In addition, “Discover-My-Product” increases the efficiency of the sales force and makes sales meetings more efficient.

Due to our optimized production processes, it is a quick app to produce with packaged prices.

Finally, it is an eco-friendly tool with a “Zero Paper” approach.

Main features:

  • Realtime 3D product display
  • Rotate/Translate/Zoom on products
  • Focus on competitive advantages with illustrated pop-ups
  • PDF, pictures & videos storage and visualization
  • URL links to be sent to your contact to download files
  • Offline access
  • Form filling: new contact, order form, etc…
  • Cross-platforms : iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Web
  • Multilingual
  • Security option: Following the installation of the application, an access request form must be filled out by the new user at each new connection attempt. The company that owns the application can then accept or deny access to the application via a back office.


”Cloud-My-Media” is a documentary space application that facilitates the management and the access to Corporate marketing and sales materials. In addition, it allows you to have documents database always up to date, thus avoiding the obsolescence of your files (product references, price list, regulations, etc.)

In this centralized digital space, you can insert and share files such as PDFs, pictures, videos and web links while organizing and ordering them in folders and subfolders.

Main features:

  • Creation of a documentary digital space collecting all media files of a company
  • Offline access
  • Sharing media files with third parties
  • Monitoring of the use of marketing tools by the sales force (via statistics)
  • Cross-platforms: iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Web
  • Multilingual
  • User management